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Do you have enough contractor grade equipment to handle your restoration problems? Why buy more dehumidifiers, air movers and air scrubbers when you can rent from the professionals at Doan Restoration? Our Staff will deliver statewide and can help with setup.

Dehumidifiers Port Huron MI

This piece of equipment has more drying power in the most convenient size for water damage restoration. Dehumidifiers take out all the moisture from the walls and floors and will lower the humidity in the air otherwise known as condensation, creating an environment where mold and mildew can’t grow. These are reliable proven favorites of water damage restoration professionals because they remove a lot of water with less machinery. Using commercial dehumidifiers and blowers properly will dry walls, floors and ceilings in a room within days generally without the need to remove walls. When a water pipe bursts and runs for days without being noticed, it’s the dehumidifier that is going to do the majority of the hard labor in regards to returning the space back to normal.

Air Scrubbers Port Huron MI

Air Scrubbers (also known as a negative air machines)
This is a very important and effective tool used to clean the air from mold, dust and sewage particles that accumulate after leaks and sewage overflows as well as for lead based paint abatement, asbestos removal and related work. Continually filtering the indoor air and depressurizing the affected area to prevent the spread of bacteria and mold growth, Air Scrubbers are used widely during re-construction, environmental cleanup and disaster restoration for mold removal to quickly improve air quality, creating healthier conditions for you, your family and your pets.

Carpet Dryers Port Huron MI

Air Movers or Carpet Dryers (Blowers)
This durable and reliable piece of water damage drying equipment has the ability to dry carpets 4 times faster than normal. It also moves large amounts of air under and over wet carpets creating evaporation that results in rapid, efficient drying and faster restoration of your home or office. Air Movers are great for drying in walls, under cabinets and in crawl spaces.

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