Port Huron Michigan Various Outdoor Activities


Blue River Walk a big hit in Port Huron!

Blue Water River Walk is about a mile of the shoreline of the St. Clair River which is directly south of the mouth of Black River in Port Huron. It is owned by the Community Foundation of St. Clair County and everyone is welcome to the Blue Water River Walk everyone all year round.

The shoreline which was used for the creation of this lovely River Walk was a donation from a local philanthropist (James C. Acheson) to the Community Foundation of St. Clair County in 2011.

Port Huron’s Notable spots to see!


Observation Dock in Port Huron MI

The ancient railroad ferry dock dating back to the early 1900’s is now fully restored and re-opened to every interested visitor. In the past, it was used for transporting goods back-and-forth to Sarnia, this Ferry Dock now happens to be a beautiful patio where people watch the St. Clair River.

Port Huron’s Pedestrian Trail

The Community Foundation was able to raise some donations by using some finances from the Transportation Enhancement Grant Program of MDOT to construct this 10’ wide asphalt pedestrian trail through the entire length of the shoreline.  This pedestrian trail is a major part of the Bridge to Bay Trail system.

Port Huron Mi Outdoor Classroom

An outdoor classroom located just north of the Observation Dock at the northern end of the Blue Water River Walk. It is used as an interactive educating and learning environment for the public, this classroom exists for the purpose of teaching the public about the ecosystem of the St. Clair River as well as the flora and fauna habitat which can be seen along the River Walk.

Fishing Pier in Port Huron

The fishing pier is meant for all visitors and the locals. They can easily access just to fish and even for recreation purpose. This pier is located on the southern end of the River Walk, which is just south of the Gray Fox ship.

Port Huron MI Public Art

On the list of the many fabulous improvements of the Blue Water River Walk, one of the best is public art.  The public art and artifacts that were added is just another manner in which the community has been able to exaggerate the River Walk; thereby making the spot more enjoyable for visitors.

Some of the major public art figures and artifacts you’ll find here include:

  • Sugar, the Iron Horse is almost a 7-foot tall horse designed from metallic parts and scraps.
  • Stella Clair is over a thousand pound metal sturgeon made by a native of Michigan, Lou Rodriquez.
  • Petroglyphs which has a Native American theme have also been carved into a large boulder close to the Observation Dock

Located on the building of the River Rats Club is a mural which features native fish