Port Huron MI Has Great Water Activities!


Read about the breathtaking St Clair area of Port Huron Michigan!

In St. Clair, if you want to have so much fun that will want to make you come back for some more get acquainted with the parks and river activities and you’ll definitely want more of it. It would be amazing to get to know where to go and when; dependent on your heart desires during your visit to the city.

  • Boating & Kayaking in Port Huron

It is possible to access the St. Clair River and the Pine River from St. Clair. The vibrant blue water of the St. Clair River is a favorite for guests that love the waters when the summer comes. The river is normally used for both commercial and recreational purpose, and you’ll sight large freighters and boats making use of the river often. The Pine River which is the narrower and rarely-used river is perfect for kayaking and canoeing.

St. Clair has a nice metropolitan boating facility i.e. Charles Moore Boat Harbor, on the Pine River. This place makes the St. Clair River easily accessible. The boating facility boasts 120 boat slips, picnic shelters and restrooms close by. Seasonal boat slips are normally available for rent at the boat harbor. Charles Moore Boat Harbor offers water, fuel, electrical service, Wi-Fi, cable TV, playground and dog run.

  • St. Clair Area Parks in Port Huron

Info on: Palmer Park in Port Huron MI

This is people favorite spot to sit, relax and enjoy the view of the St. Clair River; it is located on the east side of Riverside Avenue/M-29. Palmer Park is the ideal location for picnics when you visit the city with family or friends. There are several sculptures and benches at the park.

Fred Moore Highway Little league Park

This is a very large complex that has 7 fields for baseball and softball. You can spend some time here for recreational activities. The park also features a few picnic shelters and a mini playground for toddlers.

Greig Park

This Park is located on Carney Drive, just north of the city hall. Greig Park features a large wooden playscape which is popular with little kids. Some other facilities here are a basketball court, an inline hockey rink, a volleyball court, and picnic shelter.

Klecha Park

There are three ball fields, playground and a large picnic shelter in this park.

Rotary Centennial Park

A very lovely park with sculptures and flower gardens on the north side of Pine River. This spot is quiet and you can spend some lone time watching the boats going from and to the St. Clair River and the harbor. There is a fishing pier in the park to fish on the Pine River.

St. Clair Bike and Skate Park

There is a collection of ramps and runs for skateboarding. Come along with your BMX bikes and you will definitely love the dirt tracks; there are different courses for riders, depending on your skill level. On the east side of the skate park, you will also see a small park with a ball field.