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The Knowlton Ice Museum of North America displays the artifacts and materials representing the history of local ice harvesting and provides a number of practical activities for visitors to engage in. The museum sprawls over 10,000 square feet area and boasts of having the largest ice tool collection which was used in the mid-19th and early 20th century. More than 5,000 items are exhibited herewith a mesmerizing rare footage of how ice was harvested in 1920.

If you have Port Huron in your visitation plans, then you have to visit this landmark. If you need to know how much time you will have to spend at Knowlton Ice Museum, Port Huron you can make a quick research on the itineraries or ask people who have visited the museum recently. This way, you will have an idea on time duration need to pay the Knowlton Ice Museum a visit.

What Port Huron Visitors Need to Know!

When you are in the Knowlton Ice Museum, you can take out of your time to discover some magnificent places available in the city that are going to give you a unique experience after your trip to the city. If you want to get some specific details about the attractions, restaurants, beaches and so on that are available in the city, you can reach out to the Tourist Information Center. If you want to visit Knowlton Ice Museum or any other place that you deem interesting in the city, guided tours are available for booking, as well as“skip the line tickets” to pay this place a visit on a personal trip.

Port Huron Accommodations near the Knowlton Ice Museum

In certain cases, reaching a crowded and public attraction like the Knowlton Ice Museum is always quite tough due to how popular the attraction is. So, we advise you go for closer hotels that will match your level of comfort. Majority of these famous attractions are usually offered by the well-known and best hotel providers on the internet which includes Booking.com, Agoda and Airbnb. If the accommodation cost is of a major concern to you, you can carefully compare the prices of all the available hotels and then book your desired and nearest hotel that you can get to Knowlton Ice Museum from in no time.

Other Facilities near Knowlton Ice Museum:

There are parking spots which are specifically dedicated for disabled visitors and the list of parking lots has been included. Various Local shops are also in association with Knowlton Ice Museum and this could be very convenient and easy to access when you want to purchase souvenirs. If you need to get quick cash, there are ATMs near Knowlton Ice Museum and they really come handy. During your visit, when you get a little famished after the tour around the museum, satiate your hunger pangs by enjoying some great food around the corner. There are restaurants, bars and coffee shops close to the Knowlton Ice Museum.