Rochester Hills-Wildlife Lovers Can Visit A Great Zoo!


Things to do in the Rochester Hills Belle Isle Natural Zoo!

The Belle Isle Nature Zoo which is situated on the nice Belle Isle Park is exactly the perfect location for one to have amazing educational, natural and environmental experiences in the metro Detroit area. This feature amongst others makes it a possibility for Belle Isle Nature Zoo to provide exceptional, superb, excellent and outstanding educational experiences for families, schools and community groups at large.

Visitors at Belle Isle National Zoo are always able to get an up close view of what a beehive actually looks like and a closer view at the amazing wildlife in Michigan. There is a bird observation window which allows visitors to watch both native and migratory birds as they wander around to feed on natural and complementary food sources. Guests get an opportunity to give the fallow deer food during the Deer Encounter; they also soak in some basic knowledge about the history of the fallow deer with Belle Isle as the feeding goes on.

The Belle Isle Nature Zoo is devoted to providing more awareness about the environment to people; they hope to achieve this by making educational programs available to the entire community, to families, school students and teachers by addressing some important issues such as conservation, how nature can be preserved, protecting water and maintaining good water quality, cleaning up the community, tracking and eliminating invasive plant and animal species.

They are also keen on the provision of assistance in the aspect of developing the youth by organizing career awareness programs for k-12 students and their teachers, teachers are also provided with professional development activities, there are community projects which address environmental stewardship, and educational outreach programs and field trips organized for community groups and schools.

Enjoy the Rochester Hills MI Dinosour Hill Nature Preserve!

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve provides programs and set out activities for all individual in all age groups which include some popular programs organized before schools resume and weekend programs for families.

Here, they offer a wide range of fun and informative programs for both public and private elementary schools located in the region; this may also include after school and daycare groups. Countless numbers of children love to participate in the annual Dinosaur Hill field trips. It is assured that they will gain some useful knowledge and experience to boost their performance in school; their class could either visit the preserve to dip for insects in the creek or use various instruments to test the properties of the soil. Sometimes, the organizers wow the kids by showing them their portable planetarium.

If you are a school principal hoping to bring the students down here, you have made a good choice because the programs offered at Dinosaur Hill are hands-on and they will totally get the students excited and make their spirit come alive when they get to know more about science and get to know more about the lessons they learn in class every day. Here is another amazing thing about the Dinosaur Hills Programs- they are designed to par with the Michigan Curriculum standards.