Troy MI-The stage nature center is both fun and educative!


Enjoy the ambiance of The stage nature center in Troy Michigan

The stage nature center is perfect for both fun catching and the educative. Located at 6685 Coolidge Hwy, Troy, MI. 48098 and famous for its peculiar ambiance, excellent trails, as well as its public nature programs, this 100 acre, 8,200 square foot land mass,  appeals to both the young and the old and is the perfect spot for sightseeing as well as for the acquisition of nature-based knowledge.

This wildlife denizen boasts of varieties of floral and faunal species with more than 145 different varieties observable from above the ground. Notable examples include Maple trees, wildflowers, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, squirrels, bluebirds, Michigan Owls, Frogs and a wide variety of insects and birds.

The 1.5mile trail within the nature center cuts across different terrains and allows for exploration and adventure. The outdoor class, nature center building, sugar shed are a few highlights that span across the lush meadow, forest and marshlands particular to the reserve. The Rouge River also cuts through from the west and passes through.

The Stage nature center holds over 200 nature-inspired public program’s yearly with children and adults as participants and offers guided nature walks and nature studies outreaches alongside, for school and community groups.  Over 28,000 individuals visit the stage nature center for leisure or educative purposes yearly and about nine thousand visitors, including students, participate in the nature programs yearly.

As the stage nature center is a product of a community-centric effort, it’s staff is well informed and generally likable. There’s an available carpark, and a general outdoor play area featuring climbing boulders.

Asides from hiking, individuals can participate in maple syrup programs, walk around, sightsee, fish, enjoy the scenic view, play outdoors or do Yoga. No one is left out of the fun and every participant’s safety is guaranteed, a paved path allows for wheelchair access to the streamside close to the forest terrain.

The Nature center building caps it off with classrooms available for learning, a wildlife viewing area, a public research library, an observation bee hive and an exhibition hotspot with a spot provided for children’s activity. The building also offers amphibian and reptile displays and in the late summers, visitors can watch every single stage of the life cycle of colorful monarch butterflies.

Animal lovers, program participants, nature lovers, students, teachers, and kids would be sure to enjoy the nature center, as programs designed are fun, interactive, well executed and have received countless positive feedbacks. Also, It is a great way to get kids interested in nature and science, pique their interests in fun ways. Students are sure to have a lot of “Wow” moments at the mastodon dig site.

The Stage nature center has something to offer for each and every individual, both young and old. The scenic environment is generally peaceful and is perfect if one needs that breathe of fresh air and a well deserved, required break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.