Troy Has Great Children’s Learning Facilities!


Things to do at Aqua Tots in Troy Michigan

Virtually everyone must have experienced the joy that comes with being able to complete a task or an activity by oneself without any help. That is exactly the same way you’ll feel when you get to swim your first lap by yourself! Swimming is an amazing skill to have and it is nice for kids to be able to swim freestyle, backstroke and other styles on their own.

Aqua Tots is devoted to teaching kids how to swim regardless of their age.  Here, there are different classes for different age groups so the kids will be able to experience the learning at their own pace without being rushed, although they’ll still be in the company of other little kids that are on same levels.

They organize age-appropriate swimming lessons for babies, infants, toddlers, and kids, right through to, adults, swim team as well as kids that require special needs. Every one of them will gain invaluable lessons and skills that they will find helpful in their everyday activities.

One of the things that also makes Aqua Tots an amazing place for you to go with your kids is that the number of students in each swim class is never beyond 4, so you can be assured they are under special focus in an excellent and comfortable environment.

At Aqua Tots, the budding water babies will need to learn at least 20 skills per swimming class before they are tested to be able to progress to a new difficulty level; this is done to ensure all swimming skills have been covered and totally focused on by the trainees. After passing each level, swimmers will be celebrated by a ribbon and a certificate will be presented. The levels are as well categorized into age groups followed by the experience. Go learn how to swim your kids at Aqua Tots and let’s see if they are capable of becoming stingray, figuratively! That is the highest swimming rank where you’ll be able to swim different kinds of strokes without being assisted.

Asides from swimming lessons, Aqua Tots can also help you with the celebration of your birthday party, and even entertain you with special activities during the holidays such as Easter and Halloween.

Cost info at Troy’s Aqua Tots

Children: From $80 one day per week ($74 for second child)

Family Deals: $10 per family Open swim on Fridays

Together with the swimming lessons, you’ll also be offered some courses like CPR which is a really valuable skill to have, especially for families that swim.

At Aqua Tots, you can buy anything you think you’ll need in order to complete your swimming lessons, be it flippers, goggles, bathers etc. They offer open swim Friday for anyone who is only interested in going to the pool to just splash about and rehearse what they learned during the week!


When you are hungry, you can grab a small snack bar snacks, juices, and even soda. Refreshing juices and tasty snacks are also available for healthy eating.